Meeting Called to Order: Date 1/20/2004 Time 6:47 .


Members in Attendance: 24 .


Guests: 3 . Chuck Muntz KSQ, Frank Karnauskas N1UW, Vlad Michtchenko NSTL


Health and Welfare: None


Old Business: None


New Business:

KJUH, Jim Should Packet Cluster expenses be brought before members before check is issued. Motion made, and accepted to have $200 limit on expenditure before membership discussion and approval.

T33 Banaba DXpedition asking for donation. Motion to table until next meeting. Larry Menzel to investigate guidelines for Club to follow for which donation should be given.

Newsletter and membership drive discussions. KJUH sending out drive letters to potential members. Newsletter Header photo tabled until next meeting.


Al Dewey requested donation of $75 to help sponsorship of the MN QSO Party. Motion made, and approved.


Meeting Adjourned: Date 1/20/2004 Time 7:35 .




Bill Dean WOR, Ron Dohmen NAT, and Vlad Michtchenko NSTL presented their trip and contest participation to Sansare Guatemala for the 2003 CQWW CW Contest using the callsign TGAA.




TCDXA Secretary