Meeting Called to Order: Date 2/17/2004 Time 6:49pm .


Members in Attendance: 18 .


Guests: 1 . Mike Paskeuric, NODK


Health and Welfare: None


Old Business: None


New Business: Meeting called to order by Bill, WOR.


Thanks to Lou, ACX and Bob, WBV for the updates to the TCDXA Website.


KJUH, Jim discussed the results (so far) of the Club membership drive 18 responses to letters sent out, with 17 positive responses. The applications for the 17 respondents were reviewed in-mass. A motion was made and seconded to approve the applicants for membership, and a vote was taken and passed by members present.


Raising Dollars for DX Guidelines for donations to DXpeditions prepared by Larry, NXB, were reviewed and discussed by the membership. Questions raised and discussed should the guidelines be made part of the Club bylaws? Motion made by Tom, WZR and seconded by Mark, KKX NOT to use the guidelines motion passed. Lou, ACX made a motion to form a committee to review request for donations for DXpeditions. Motion carried. Bob B., WEK, Bob G., WBV, Lou S., ACX, and Ron D., NAT volunteered to be committee members to determine which DX groups should receive donations. Committee recommendations will be voted on by membership at next meeting.

Lou, ACX, made a motion to donate $150 to the upcoming 3B9C DXpedition. Discussions followed, and Pat C., KPC made a motion to increase the donation to $300 this motion carried and was approved. Club secretary to send check to 3B9C group.

Donation committee to review request for donation by T33 Banaba Dxpedition.

Motion made to adjourn seconded meeting adjourned.

Raffle Prizes: First ticket drawn to Jim, KJUH for FREE dinner, second ticket to Gary, KGX split the raffle pot $18.


Meeting Adjourned: Date 2/18/2004 Time 7:40pm .


Presentation: Mike Paskeuric, NODK, gave a talk with slide show on his 1999 DXpedition to Vietnam. Mike made the trip VERY shortly after getting his Ham ticket!



TCDXA Secretary