Meeting Called to Order:   Date 02-20-2006                Time 7:00  

Members in Attendance:  ____22_______ Guests: __Ø______  

Health and Welfare:  WØZX, Tom Traughbor has been in the VA Hospital for gallbladder surgery.

Old Business:  Are you getting QSL card from the new Ø bureau??  Some say yes, some say no!  The new group is getting up to speed and over the hump from the transition from the Kansas City group. Always remember "The more cards you put into the pipeline, the more you get out".

KØQB, Jay brought the members up to date on his efforts to help TCDXA with incorporation documentation. Some of the changes required to meet the requirements are: club needs a mailing address, some changes to the Club by-laws, and changes to the info in the treasurers report. Jay will continue with his efforts and report next month.

Jay also reported that the Dakota Division DXAC representative KØPA, Paul Larson has resigned his position. THANKS Paul for the many years of service filling that position.  Also from Jay, and further DXAC news, is the ARRL is looking at redefining the definition for "entities". If the new definition is approved, it may mean 4 or so new entities to add to the list. Just when I thought I had ONE left!!  By the way Lou, what ever happened to that uncle of yours in 7O land??

New Business: 

Mike KØBUD announced the upcoming St Cloud  Hamfest this coming Saturday..

Mike, WØWG gave the treasurers report, also stated that TCDXA membership is at 91 members, with 60 paid dues and 31 unpaid dues. PLEASE PAY YOUR DUES NOW!, so we don't have to send a snail mail out at the end of the month.

This evenings raffle drawing winners were Charlie  WØHW, and Mike KØBUD ($22 each), with the remaining $23 going to the Club treasury.

Thanks to Jim KØJUH for compiling the stats for the Peter I TCDXA HOG AWARD winners.....step up to the trough all you piggies!

Presentation:  The presentation for tonight was the video tape of the VP8GEO Micro light DXpedition to South Georgia Island. This is an excellent quality video, and some of the members of that DXpedition are/were on the current 3YØX Peter I DXpedition. TCDXA's own KØIR Ralph, and Bob K4UEE.

Many thanks to Ralph and the whole Peter I group for another GREAT DXpedition.

Meeting Adjourned:  Date ___02-20-2006_____ Time ___7:15_____



TCDXA Secretary