Meeting Called to Order:   Date ___02-21-2005__ Time __07:00pm_

Members in Attendance:  ____26___ Guests: ___1_____Frank Karnauskas N1UW

Health and Welfare:   NONE

Old Business:

KJUH Jim, reminder that dues are due - currently 75 members paid and 13 unpaid.
KFQR Dennis, vote on the Club bylaws change has passed with the receipt of a 2/3 majority voting "yes" to the amendment.

New Business:

Mike, KBUD reminded us of the upcoming St. Cloud Hamfest.
KP1/KP5 - Write your representative in support of the proposed bill to open up these rare DX location for access to ham operations.
Swain Island dxpedition upcoming -WFWL- Maybe a "new one"?!?
The following new members were voted into the TCDXA this evening: Tom Sneed NZK, George Fisher WQU, Bob Beiersdorf WSS, Greg Merth KCRET.

The raffle prizes for the lucky winners tonight were: Steve W8GAZ received the free dinner($30), Frank N1UW won the cash ($30), Vlad NSTL won the special drawing prize of an Atomic Watch, and $30 to the Club treasury.


The presentation for the evening was the slide show of the CP6 contest operation by fellow TCDXA members during the CQWW CW contest in November of 2004. The show was given by Bill WOR, with additional input from the operation members, Ron NAT, Vlad NSTL, and Toni KMO.

Meeting Adjourned:  Date _02/21/05___ Time __07:15__



TCDXA Secretary