Meeting Called to Order: Date: 3/16/2004 Time: 7:00PM


Members in Attendance: 18 Guests: 1 KGDK, Ray Voss


Health and Welfare: NONE



Old Business: NONE


New Business:


1st Place raffle prize went to KIEA, Dave (free dinner), 2nd place went to NXB, Larry ($26). The remainder of the raffle money went to the club treasury ($6).


Five new member applications were reviewed in mass. Motion was made, seconded, and approved to add the five applicants to the membership.


KJUH, Jim, presented the Treasurers report containing income and expenses for the year. Report was excepted as presented.


Discussion on bringing a member of the T32 Dxpedition to the Club for a presentation. Motion made and seconded to spend a maximum of $225 for plane fare to bring in member of T32 group.


Discussed Club Shirts pricing and color changes. KJUH to make final order before turning over to WEK, Bob.


Discussion on new venue for club dinner and meeting location. Mike, KBUD, (search committee of one) to look for new location.


Jim, KJUH, showed example of the new Club newsletter soon to be available on the Club webpage.


Presentation: NONE


Meeting Adjourned: Date: 3/16/2004 Time: 7:40PM



TCDXA Secretary