Meeting Called to Order:   Date 03-20-2006                Time 7:20 

Members in Attendance:  ____26_______ Guests: __1______  Erv  Grossman

Health and Welfare:  None

Old Business:  None

New Business:  And the "Long time, no see" award goes to Gary KNØV, and Jim WØLE.....good to see you again, and hope you can make a few more meetings in the coming months.

The new Dakota Division DXAC representative KØPC Pat Cain filled the members in on the current activities of the Advisory Committee. They are looking at redefining the requirements for new "entities". If the new definition is approved, it may mean 4 or so new entities to be added to the DXCC list.

Mike, WØWG gave the treasurers report ($3,900+ current balance), and  stated that current TCDXA membership is at 91 members, with 71 paid dues and 20 unpaid members. The Club secretary will send out the snail mail notices for dues this week.

This evenings raffle drawing winners were Burt  WBØN, and Bill WØOR ($25 each), with the remaining $27 going to the Club treasury.

New members voted into TCDXA this evening were Lyle Miller WB9OKQ and  Erv Grossman  KØIVO....WELCOME!!

Presentation:  None. The next two months will have programs on the Dxpeditions to Honduras and Peter I. Further notice will be sent letting you know which of the two will be for the April meeting...stay tuned!

Meeting Adjourned:  Date ___03-20-2006_____ Time ___7:33_____



TCDXA Secretary