Meeting Called to Order:   Date ___03-21-2005__ Time __07:17pm_

Members in Attendance:  ____26___ Guests: ________

Health and Welfare:   Curt WHYY is home again, and doing well, after suffering a stroke. Curt's been heard on the bands, so welcome back and good DXing!

Old Business:


New Business:

Charlie WHW gave us a report on the FT5XO DXpedition with some inside information, as his son is in the group on Kerguelen Island.

Mike, ex KMAZ was present with his new callsign WWG...congrats Mike.

Jim KJUH gave us the treasurers report and projections for 2005.  We have 89 current members on the roster, with 82 members paid for 2005. The treasury has $450 remaining from last year, with $1,944 in dues paid for 2005, $174 in donations (above and beyond dues ), and $102 from the close out of the WDXCC account. A motion was made to donate $250 to NCDXA, and the motion voted on and accepted. The next item on the agenda was a discussion on having a TCDXA banner made that could be used for a booth at local hamfests, and at Dayton. A motion was made and seconded, and motion passed to spend $175-$200 for the TCDXA banner.

The raffle prizes for the lucky winners tonight were: NZK Tom  received the free dinner ($30), Mike WWG ( it pays to get a new call) won the cash ($35), and $30 to the Club treasury.


The presentation for the evening was the video from the 3B9C DXpedition to Rodriguez Island in 2004. The video was very interesting, and showed that the British 5 Star Group had a very well thought out and executed Dxpedition with over 153,000 Q's.

Next  Months Program and Presentation:

Skip Jackson KSJ will present an update on what's happening in the MN Section.
Another video from the British 5 Star Group on their Dxpedition to D68C Comoros Islands.

Meeting Adjourned:
  Date _03/21/05___ Time __07:53__



TCDXA Secretary