Meeting Called to Order: Date: 4/20/2004 Time: 6:45PM


Members in Attendance: 21 Guests: None


Health and Welfare: Reported that Curt Risvold, WHYY had had a stroke, and is recuperating. Best Wishes for a speedy recovery Curt.


Old Business: NONE


New Business:


Three new member applications were reviewed in mass. Motion was made, seconded, and approved to add the three applicants to the membership.


Club Shirts were available to those who placed their orders last month. If you had placed an order, and were unable to attend the meeting, KJUH will try to get your shirt to you.


Lou, ACX is looking for help to get things going for the 2004 WDXCC convention that would be held in the Twin Cities again this year.


Mike, KBUD announced a change of venue for this years Tailgate Swapfest. It will be moved to the 3M parking lot, and held on the 5th of June.


Members were asked how they liked the new meeting venue, and all agreed that everything was GREAT. A vote was taken and approved to keep Benchwarmer Bobs as our new meeting place. Good food, good service, good prices!!


1st Place raffle prize went to NSTL, Vlad for the free dinner, and 2nd place went to KGX, Gary (cash). The remainder of the raffle money went to the club treasury.


Presentation: Unfortunately, the presentation had to be cancelled this month, and will be given sometime in the coming months.


Meeting Adjourned: Date: 4/20/2004 Time: 6:58PM



TCDXA Secretary