Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunshine Factory Restaurant


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by the club President, Mike, NODK.


In Attendance                          30 Members, no guests.


Old Business                            New Bylaws approved by 2/3 member vote!


New Business                          The budget YTD. Details in the Spring Newsletter.

                                                Income 3,937.31 Expenses 1,393.88 Balance 2,543.43      


Update on TO4G, and donation proposal for ZS8T


Welcome to 4 new members who were approved for membership.

                                                Peter, WSA, John, W9LHG, Harry, WLS, Jim, KEL


Jay, KQB, brought the members up to date on the ARRLs position regarding FJ, 4O, and future new entities.  


The DX Hog Top 6 Award for the TX5C operation was presented to WBV, WPR, WAW, KIEA, KFQR, KJUH.


                                                Bob, WBV, receives RTTY DXCC Honor Roll Award


                                                New Door Prize Policy.  Effective 4/21/08

                                                After a lively discussion, a motion was made and passed to

                                                payout the proceeds from the door prize ticket sales as follows.

                                                1st drawing - $20, 2nd drawing - $20   Remaining balance goes

                                                to the club treasury.


Scott, KMD, presented the program for the WDXCC convention in Rochester coming up Aug 8-10. 



Health & Welfare                    None               


Door Prize Drawings              Harry, KVZT, $20

Dick, WTRF, $20                             

Club Treasury, $124





Program                                  Contesting from VP5H by Scott, KMD


                                                Scott gave us a look at operating from Turks and Caicos

                                                during the ARRL SSB International DX contest in March.

                                                He joined Glenn, WGJ, and Vivien, KL7YL, for a Minnesota

                                                team effort from VP5H, which may net them a 5th place finish.                                                           



Scott, KMD and Dick, WTRF

Check out the story in the newsletter about Pacemakers and

RFI/EMI.  Scotts the Cardiologist who advised Dick on his

concerns, and they met for the first time at the meeting.




The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.


                                                73, Jim, KJUH