Meeting Called to Order:   Date: _05/15/2006               Time: _6:54

Members in Attendance:  _____26________ Guests:

Health and Welfare:

Some news about a couple of our long time members. WOOF Don is now
living in a nursing home, and his wife says he's hoping to get out soon.
And also word about WGYH Ed, is now living with long time friend
Rose...Ed is now 94 yrs old. News from Jim KJUH on the welfare of our
"super Seniors".

Old Business:

On the subject of the number of members having paid their dues, Jim
mentioned the status of our 'super seniors", and their ability to pay
the yearly dues. After a short discussion, the members made a motion,
and seconded, and the motion passed to make a special category for
Lifetime members (super seniors). Those qualifying must have five yrs.
as a regular member and be at least 75 yrs old to become a Lifetime
Member, and have FREE dues.

New Business:

Special welcome to Dennis Sokol, WJX who was here on a visit from his
home in Ohio.

Mike, KBUD mentioned the upcoming TailGate Swapfest...June 3rd at the
3M Plant..Take the McKnight Rd exit off of I-94 in St. Paul.

Dayton Hamvention is coming the end of this week...hope to see you there!

Bob, WEK mentioned that the 3YX video tapes are available, and the
members voted to purchase a copy to show at a future meeting, and then
raffle off the tape after the presentation.

Jim, KJUH talked about the following items, which were voted on, and
1)Donation to the ARRL Frequency Defense Fund - $250.
2)Donation to the Southern California DXA - $250.
3)Donation to fellow member Glenn Johnson's Andaman Island DXpedition -

Pat KPC, our DXAC representative discussed the latest proposal to
change the "entity" requirements related to "must have permanent
residents", and be "self governing".

Mike, WWG gave the treasurers report, and stated that current TCDXA
membership is at 90 members, and with 1 unpaid member. The treasury
stands at $4,765, with $250 in escrow for the Glorioso DXpedition + $33
and change, bringing the total to approx. $5,048.

New member at TCDXA this evening was Eric Foss KEF....WELCOME!! Eric's
application was received, and he was voted in as our newest member.

This evenings raffle drawing winners were Dave KIEA, and Greg KCRET.


Tonights program was given by Ron NAT and Vlad NSTL on
this last winters HQ9H DXpedition/Contest operation to Utila Island,
Honduras. Many thanks to Ron and Vlad for the great PowerPoint presentation.

Next months presentation will be from Glenn WGJ, and his DXpedition to
the Andaman's.

Meeting Adjourned:  Date ____05/15/2006______ Time ____7:27______



TCDXA Secretary