Monday, May 19, 2008

                  Sunshine Factory Restaurant


The meeting was called to order at 6:40pm by the club President, Mike, NODK.


In Attendance                                    23 members                


Old Business                          None


New Business                         The VK9DWX donation proposal for $250 was

approved via an e-mail vote.  33 Yes, 2 No.


                                                Congratulations to Mike, KBUD, who is retiring

this month. Join the gang for breakfast on Friday

May 30th and help celebrate the event.  Location:

Perkins on 394 & Louisiana at 6:00 am.                    


                                                The Tailgate Swapfest is coming up on Saturday,

                                                June 7th, 7 am to 1 pm at the 3M Center in St Paul.

                                                Mark your calendar, and dont miss the big one.


                                                Dayton Hamvention 2008 review by K3WT, WOR,

                                                KIEA, KFQR, and KBUD.  It was everyones

                                                opinion the crowds were down, particularly in the

                                                flea market.  Some feel E-bay is hurting the flea

                                                market, and high fuel costs have taken their toll

                                                on attendance in general.  We were reminded by

                                                Mike, KBUD, that Dayton is still the best Hamfest

                                                around, and is always a lot of fun!


                                                KJUH reports the operating budget YTD is in

good shape, thanks to all the members who support

the club with their dues.  Income: $4182 Expenses:

$1835 Balance: $2347.


Health & Welfare                    Earl, WIAK, is in a nursing home in Big Fork, MN

                                                after suffering a stroke.  His XYL indicated they are

                                                considering moving him to the Cities.  Contact Tom,

WZR for more details.





Jack, WHZ, is living in a Presbyterian Retirement

                                                home in St Paul.  Contact Bill, W OR, for more info.



Door Prize Drawings               WEKS           $20

                                                KVZT            $20

                                                Club Treasury  $51



Program                                  No formal program.  Mike, WWG, brought his PA

tube tester to the meeting and checked a few tubes for

the members.