Meeting Called to Order:   Date: 05/21/2007 at 6:26 PM


Members: 25, 1 guest, Harry K0BZT


Health and Welfare:  None tonight


Old Business:  None


New Business:  

Welcome back to TCDXA Sean Warner K0XQ


In addition to the DXpedition to 3B6 by SP's, we will submit a proposal to the membership to support the 3B7C DXpedition by the 5-Star DX Association.


ARRL Card Checkers can now check WAS. Also the 10-year rule for DXCC checking has been dropped


The upcoming 5A7A (Libya) DXpedition will not be allowed to work 4X - 4Z (Israel) stations


Many members worked the latest BS7 DXpedition. Many for their last entity needed for DXCC Honor Roll #1


6/2 is Tailgate Swapfest at 3M in Maplewood at 7 AM to 1 PM


Dayton stories, including pamphlets on new rigs


Treasurer's Report:

80 paid members, 4 Exempt "Super Seniors", 1 Resignation, out of 89 on Roster

Dues income YTD $2000

Extra donations YTD $220

DXpedition contributions YTD $1750 (original budget was $1500)

Current balance $2928.72


Meeting Adjourned: 6:51 PM


Program: NCDXF and J20RR videos




Respectfully Submitted,

Lou, ACX

TCDXA Secretary