_*Meeting Called to Order:*_     Date:  _6-19-06_        Time:  _      
7:10               _

_*Members in Attendance:*_       _       34        _       Guests:    _
          3           _    Melissa K1MJ, Jan KBQEP, Bob

_*Health and Welfare:*_       Steve Root KSR is recovering from kidney
surgery, and we all wish him a speedy recovery.

_*Old Business:*_   NONE

_*New Business:*_  The following announcements from President Bob:

KIR - Inducted into the DXCC Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Ralph.
Dayton Hamvention - BEST weather in years!  Attendance about the same as
last year.
TCDXA Gray Line Newsletter - FANTASTIC!! Super edition - if you haven't
seen it yet, make sure you go to the Club web sight and take a look.

Pat KPC, Gave a report from the DXAC on the new "entity" definition for
DXCC country qualifications.

_*Raffle:*_   BOY, you missed the big one tonight!! One special raffle,
plus one item up for auction, and three cash prizes were handed out this

$25 cash prizes went to Ray KGDK, Bob WBV (1st time in 20+ years), and
Jan KBQEP (first meeting with her husband).

Special Raffle prize of a World Map autographed by all the DXpedition
members from Peter I 3YX -- Won by Jim KJUH. $75 dollars goes to the
TCDXA treasury.

The second Special Prize was donated by Glenn WGJ, and  was a rock from
the Andaman Islands - Was auctioned off to the highest bidder - Jim
KJUH, $25 to go to the Club DXpedition Fund.

_*Special Presentation:*_  Jay KQB made the presentation of the Barry
Goldwater Scholarship to Melissa Johnson K1MJ. Congratulations on
receiving this very prestigious award.

_*Program:*_ Glenn WGJ gave us his PowerPoint presentation on the
Hamfest and DXpedition to the Andaman Islands. A very interesting
travelog, with  facts about the history of the island, the after affects
of the earthquake and tsunami, and the trials and tribulations of
operating with many other stations in close proximity.

_*Meeting Adjourned:*_    DATE:        _      6-19-06   _      Time:  _ 
          7:28      _

TCDXA Secretary