Meeting Called to Order: Date: 6/15/04 Time: 06:55



Attendance:   Members:         19                     Guests:        1                


Health and Welfare:  None


Old Business:  None


New Business:


One new member application from NUR, Jim Lageson and sponsored by Gary KGX was reviewed. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to add Jim to the membership.


Presented TCDXA membership certificate to KBXC, Dan Fish.


K3WT, Tom announced that he has a Steelcase Manager model desk in good condition that he is giving away.  Some assembly pickup and uhaul.


Lou, ACX needs a climber to go up his tower to check the packet cluster 2M antenna. Thinks there maybe water in it.


Jim, KJUH talked about the June addition of the TCDXA Newsletter which is now available on the Club web site. If you haven't seen it yet, don't miss it...GREAT job and kudos' to the newsletter team!


Dan, KBXC, from Radio City has the new Icom 7800's in the shop and set up for you to give a test run and side by side comparison with a 1000MP....sweet looking and sounding rig!


Bill, WOR gave a short talk on the upcoming trip by club members to Bolivia for the CQWW CW contest in November 2004. The group is looking for a 4th member to join them for the trip, and become the DX and not just work the DX. Contact Bill or Ron NAT if your interested.


1st Place raffle prize went to W8GAZ Steve for the free dinner, and 2nd place (cash) went to Chuck WSQ. The raffle collected a total of $47 with $20 dollars going for the free dinner, $14 for the cash prize, and the remaining $13 of the raffle money going to the club treasury.


This was the last meeting for this summer....SEE YOU in September!!   73 Gud DX ...-.-


Presentation:  None



Meeting Adjourned:      Date:    6/15/04            Time:     07:10         



TCDXA Secretary