Meeting Called to Order:   Date ___06-20-2005__ Time __06:48pm_

Members in Attendance____25___ Guests: _______

Health and Welfare:   NONE

Old Business:
  Discussion on the 501(c) status for the Club. Jay, KQB to work on this summer to try to finish up for the September meeting.

New Business:  Jay KQB announced that the Zero Buro QSL manager has resigned as of August. Discussion among members as to whether one of our members would be willing to take over the position.

Mike KBUD had a list of ham related items for sale from George Jensen, who is moving to Arizona. Contact Mike for items on the list.

Jay KQB mentions that next weekend is Field Day, and Bert WBN gave out some info for Field Day put on by the Twin City FM Club. See Bert's email to TCDXA list with details.

Jim KJUH gave the member some details on the upcoming DXpedition to Kure Island, and asked if the membership wished to donate funds to support the group. A motion to donate $250 was made, seconded, and motion passed.

3YX - Peter I is on again for Jan - Feb 2006.

WDXCC convention - Bob WEK - Time to start planning for 2006 if we are to hold the convention in the Twin Cities area next year. Bob is looking for volunteers to kick off the effort. Bob WEK, Jay KQB and Bill WOR to start the ball rolling.

The raffle prizes for the lucky winners tonight were: WOR  Bill received the free dinner ($30), Pat KPC won the cash ($31), and $30 to the Club treasury.


Presentation:  The video for the evening was of the D68C DXpedition to the Comoros Islands. Very good video of the record breaking DXpedition.


Meeting Adjourned:  Date:  05/20/ 05   Time:  07:25


 This was the LAST MEETING for the summer--SEE YOU ALL IN SEPTEMBER - 73 - di di di da di da


TCDXA Secretary