Monday, September 15, 2008

                     Sunshine Factory Restaurant


The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm by Mike, NODK


In Attendance                                    23 Members                                       

                                                Guests: Michael & Cheri Blood


Old Business                          The new TCDXA website is under construction.   

Progress is slow due to the inexperienced help. 

We won’t mention any names. J


New Business                         Larry, WPR, was recognized for the outstanding

                                                story he wrote on Earl, WIAK sk in the recent



                                                New Member Bruce Williams, NVOW, was welcomed

 to the club bringing the roster to 105 members.


Treasurer’s report by KJUH

                                                Income $4,607    Expenses $2,208     Balance $2,399


                                                Tom, NZK, and Bert, WBN, sold raffle tickets

                                                for the TCFMC drawing on Oct 18th.  1st prize FT-450

                                                or 30” HDTV.  2nd prize $100 gift certificate.



Health & Welfare                    Ron, NAT reported that Jack, WHZ is home and looking

                                                forward to getting on the air.              


                                                Mike, KBUD, was in attendance and doing very well after his

                                                recent kidney trans-plant surgery.                              


Door Prize Drawings               Tom, K3WT  $20         WPR $20        Club Treasury  $55



Program                                  The Unthinkable, when it happens to you!

                                                Mike Blood gave an inspirational talk on his near death

                                                experience when he was shot in an attempted bank robbery

                                                in Edina on Nov 16, 2000.  After 9 months in the hospital

                                                and 14 surgeries, Mike has recovered and is enjoying life!    


  The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.




73, Jim, KJUH