Meeting Called to Order:   Date ___09-19-2005__ Time __06:45pm_

Members in Attendance:  ____28___ Guests: ___2____ KRC Bob Chudek & WJAR John Ross

Health and Welfare:   NONE

Old Business:
  Discussion on the 501(c3) status for the Club. Jay, KQB is approximately 1/2 completed with the paperwork, and wanted to make sure that the Club still wants to go that route. YES.

New Business:  Jay KQB announced that the Zero Buro will be taken over by the Mississippi Valley DX Club starting in October or November 2005. Everyone will be getting a new sorter for there cards. Jay also talked briefly on the current level of the Ham population in the U.S.  Are we growing or staying the same.

Bob WEK gave us a quick DXCC update: Peter I is on schedule for next year...the boat and chopper are lined up, and team is ready to go. We may be able to have Ralph at a Club meeting this fall, before his departure.

Kure Island DXpedition is the next one coming up very shortly...this weekend! W9DXCC convention turned out well, according to reports.

Jim KJUH filled us in on the members who went down to Jules W2JGR apartment to help take down his antenna and tower. Jules is retiring from Ham radio after 70 years on the bands. Jules has kindly donated his radio gear to the Courage Center, and has also donated $500 dollars to TCDXA for helping with taking his equipment down. Jules has expressed his wishes that $250 of the donation go to the Peter I DXpedition, and Jim will see that it get sent in Jules' name.

Mike KBUD has a Yaesu 1000MP for sale - Contact Mike if your interested. The 76 Repeater First Wednesday Meeting October 5th at 8pm. Speakers will talk about their activities to assist the storm ravaged city of New Orleans. The "BIG ONE" Hamfest will NOT be held this fall. The group lost money last year, and will wait until next year to determine if they will put on the hamfest in 2006. The general downturn in amateur sales in hamfests across the country being the reason.

Jim KJUH commented on the very GOOD response on the Excellent Gray Line News letter, and Jay said that he is forwarding a copy to the ARRL as an example of the fine job done.....KUDOS to the editors!!!
If you have any idea's for newsletter content; stories, photo's, etc., please forward to the editors.

The raffle prizes for the lucky winners tonight were: KPC Pat received $45 for first prize, Greg KCRET won second prize of $45, and $43 goes to the Club treasury.

Presentation:  NONE

Meeting Adjourned:  Date:  09/19/ 05   Time:  07:13


TCDXA Secretary