Meeting Called to Order:  Date:    9/21/04          Time:     7:12pm         



Attendance:   Members:            24                  Guests:          none             


Health and Welfare:  It was with sadness that Bill announced the passing of long time TCDXA member WNAR, Wayne Holzer SK. Wayne passed away in August, and flowers were sent by TCDXA.


Old Business:  None


New Business:


Bill introduced the new members present at the meeting, and each gave a brief description of their ham radio interests; KQC Donn, WSEI John, and NUR Jim.  Jim was presented with his TCDXA club certificate. Credit for the great looking computer generated certificate should given to Gary KCSB. 



KJUH, Jim gave the treasurers report, and opened discussions on the possibility of the club looking at nonprofit organization status. This would allow the club to receive tax free donations from individuals and outside organization. Jim will look into details. A motion was made by Larry NXB, and seconded by Mike KBUD to donate $100 to the ARRL Frequency Defense Fund. Fellow members wishing to make personal donations to the Fund in the name of TCDXA should contact KJUH.


Lou, ACX Gave the Packetcluster report. A new antenna has been installed for the cluster to replace the old one that failed earlier this summer.


Mike, KBUD  Reported on the Ground Wave Contest on Oct 16, 10 Meters, CW and Phone from 7 to 12 pm local time. For details see


KQC reported on THE BIG ONE - Hamfest Minnesota. Discount tickets were available, and flyers were handed out.


WOR, Bill reported on the upcoming Contest activity by fellow club members during the CQWW in November. They will be going to Bolivia to operate as CP6AA from the Santa Cruz club station. Members partisipating are WOR, KMO, NAT, NSTL, and maybe K3WT.


1st Place raffle prize went to WEK, Bob for the free dinner, and 2nd place went to WZX, Tom (cash). The raffle collected a total of $63 with $23 dollars going for the free dinner, $20 for the cash prize, and the remaining $20 of the raffle money going to the club treasury.


Presentation: Old Timers night with free dinners going to Charlie Hansen WHW and John Bravis WEKS. Both Charlie and John talked about their ham radio experiences over the years with photos and old QSL cards comparing old and new shacks.



Meeting Adjourned:      Date:       9/21/04        Time:         8:08pm        



TCDXA Secretary