Meeting Called to Order:   Date: 10/16/06   Time: 6:45PM

Members in Attendance:     22     Guests:  Ø    

Health and Welfare:  None

Old Business:  None

New Business:

Discussions on funding two DXpeditions, as proposed in the TCDXA email from Bob WØBV last week. Motion was made, seconded, and approved to send $500 to each of the two DXpedition  to VU7 and XU by fellow Club members.

Members discussed the possibility of having a Christmas Party for the December meeting. Club will arrange for one drink ticket for each member, and chicken wings and cheese plate.

Charlie WØHW gave us some background info on the ZL8R Dxpedition that is taking place at this time. His son, NØTT is one of the DXpedition members.

Club voted to leave the funds set aside for the Glorioso DXpedition in the PayPal account pending start of DXpedition (IF ever! Has been postponed again).

Tony KMØO fill us in on his operating/contesting plans from XU in the November through January time frame.

Bert WBØN announced the details of the upcoming Minnesota 10 meter contest. Contact Bert for details or look for email that he sent out last week.
1st Place raffle prize went to KØIVO Erv for $24, and 2nd place went to WØOR, Bill for $24. The remaining $24 of the raffle money going to the club treasury.

Presentation:  Mike WØWG did a show & tell on his home brew tube tester, and tested tube brought in by members. MY, My, the things you can throw together using an old microwave oven, a few tube sockets, meters, and a variac or two. Great job Mike!

Meeting Adjourned:  Date:  10/16/2006 Time:  7:07PM



TCDXA Secretary