Meeting Called to Order:   Date ___10-17-2005__ Time __07:00pm_

Members in Attendance:  ____18___ Guests: _______

Health and Welfare:   Jim, KJUH, his back is acting up again so he couldn't make the meeting.

Old Business:

New Business: 

ACX, Lou - Says the packet cluster antenna went down when he was on vacation. New antenna to be ordered, and may be a couple of weeks to get node up and running again.

Jules W2JGR - If all goes well we hope to see Jules at next months meeting. Will let you all know more in the next meeting notice.

Bert WBN - Made announcement of the 1 meter Ground Wave Contest this coming Saturday at 6 - 11pm local time. Freq. 28.300 to 28.400 MHz. Always a fun local contest.

The raffle tickets stayed home with Jim tonight, so no prizes.

It was good to see Larry WFLY, and Mike NODK at tonights meeting - long time no see!

Presentation:  NONE

Meeting Adjourned:  Date:  10/17/05   Time:  07:21


TCDXA Secretary