Meeting Called to Order: Date: 11/16/04 Time: 07:03



Attendance:   Members:          17                    Guests:         2                


Health and Welfare:  None


Old Business:  Club Tax Exemption status is still being looked at, and final recommendation will be presented next month.


Where're looking for candidates for club officers for next year...volunteers will be accepted. Election is next month.


TCDXA club members are in final preparations for their trip to CP6CW for CQWW. WZR will be the QSL manager for the operation during the contest. QSL CP6/homecall for contacts before and after contest.


New Business:


Guests at the meeting were WBCA Rod Rosse, and WXQ Jon Platt.


Lou, ACX asked if the club members would be willing to put on the 2005 WDXCC convention in the Twin Cities area (St Cloud has been proposed). Planning should begin soon for reservations and such. More discussions to follow.


Mike, KBUD announced that the annual breakfast (TCFM Club?) would be held on Nov. 26 (6:00AM) at the Perkins on highway 394 across the freeway from the old Embers location. Contact Mike for details.


Treasurers report from Jim KJUH states that we have approximately $500 left in the treasury for the year.


The $250 donated by the TCDXA to the CP6 club in Bolivia has been used to purchase 2 handheld radios, and an additional 3 radios have been donated by members.


1st Place raffle prize went to WZR Tom, for the free dinner, and 2nd place went to KFQR, Dennis ($20 cash). The raffle collected a total of $53 with $15 dollars going for the free dinner, $20 for the cash prize, and the remaining $17 of the raffle money going to the club treasury.


Presentation: The evenings presentation for this month was given by Jon Platt WZQ, on the Understanding of Amateur Radio Equipment Specifications. What to look for in radio spec sheets, what it means, and is it really important ( IMD, IP3, Blocking Dynamic range).



Meeting Adjourned:      Date:         11/16/04        Time:      07:18          



TCDXA Secretary