Meeting Called to Order:   Date: 11/20/06   Time: 6:55PM

Members in Attendance:     28     Guests:  3    

Health and Welfare:  None

Old Business:  Received thank you notes/email from Tony KMO, Glenn WGJ, and DX  Team Coordinator Andy DJ7IK,  for the TCDXA donations to there respective DXpeditions to  XU7, VU7RG, and 5A7A.
Discussion on the previous months vote and donation to the VU7RG group, and motion made passed to donate an addition $500 to that DXpedition.
Bob WEK raised the question of Club dues for the coming year, per the bylaws. After a short discussion, the members voted to raise the yearly dues to $25.

New Business:

Discussions on the monies kept by the Club in a separate fund for care and upkeep of the Packet Cluster and Club Repeater. Members agreed to move those Cluster/ Repeater funds into the General fund, and take monies as needed to support upgrades/repairs. Lou said that the next time the RF portion of the cluster needs major repairs, it will probably be removed. Telnet access will be kept running, and RF connections from remote nodes (N0AT and N5IN) will not be affected by this..

President Bob discussed the Christmas Party for the December meeting. The Club will provide for one free drink ticket for each member, and one horsey-doover plate for each table.

Mike KBUD invited those who wish to attend to come to the annual breakfast at Perkins (394 & Louisiana in Golden Valley) at 6am this Friday.

The funds allocated for the Glorioso Dxpedition has been withdrawn, as this Dxpedition has been postponed several times.

The next item of discussion was for a change in the voting procedure for DXpedition funding. The proposed funding for a dxpedition will be emailed to all members, and allow everyone a chance to vote on the proposal. A motion was made and carried for this funding policy change.

A motion was made and approved to wait until the December meeting each year to determine if a donation can and will be made to NCDXF.

Nomination for Club officers for the coming year was opened. Dennis KFQR stated that he will not seek reelection for the office of Secretary. Bob WEK, and Mike WWG stated they would be willing to continue in there current positions if there are no other nominations. That leaves open the nomination for Club Secretary.....As is normally the case, volunteers are greatly appreciated.

Jim KJUH stated that the Grayline Report will not be coming out in December, but will be delayed until after the first of the new year
1st Place raffle prize went to Tom WZR for $36, and 2nd place went to Bert WBN for $36. The remaining $37 of the raffle money going to the club treasury.

Presentation:  Tom WZR gave a short presentation on his thoughts of his new Yaesu FT2000...sounds like it a keeper.

Meeting Adjourned:  Date:  10/16/2006 Time:  7:07PM



TCDXA Secretary