Meeting Called to Order:   Date  11-21-05     Time     07:15      

Members in Attendance:       34       Guests: ____1____

Health and Welfare:  Word from Bob WEK of the untimely passing of JT1BG, Baatar Sambuu, passed away on 14 November.  Licensed since 1977 and one of the most active stations from Mongolia,  he was  the first amateur in his country to earn 5BDXCC, 5BWAZ and DXCC Honor Roll.

Old Business:  None

New Business: Jay KQB presented fellow TCDXA member Jules Freundlich W2JGR with the ARRL Lifetime Service Award. Jules has been in Amateur Radio for 70 years, and was instrumental in persuading the ARRL in establishing the RTTY Honor Roll. Congratulations Jules!

Its time to start thinking about election time for TCDXA officers for the coming year. If you would like your name added to the list of those seeking the nominations, please let Bob know before the December meeting . ..  . ..

Jay KQB also mentioned the ARRL will be starting to include WAS in the LOTW system with the hope that this will increase foreign participation in the program. The league is also working on LOTW-WAZ.

Al KAD, will be taking the reins as the Dakota Division Contest Rep.

Raffle ticket prizes went to John WJAR ( $49 cash ), Burt WBN  ( $49 cash ), Tom WZX (Peter I 3YX patch ), and Ray KGDK ( Peter I 3YX patch ).

Presentation: Ralph Fedor KIR gave an excellent PowerPoint presentation on the upcoming Dxpedition to Peter I Island. As one of the co-leaders of the Dxpedition Ralph filled us in on the history of past operations on the island, and of the trials and tribulations of last years attempt, and the current activities for the operation in Feb 2006.

Meeting Adjourned:  Date      11-21-05        Time 7:34pm   


TCDXA Secretary