Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunshine Factory Restaurant



The meeting was called to order by the club President, Mike, NODK


In Attendance


27 members, who by all indications, enjoyed the Holiday meeting special complimentary beverages and appetizers.



Old Business


Weve learned the clubs application for 501 (c) (3) non-profit statuses has finally made it to the desk of an examiner at the IRS.

We are hoping to get a decision soon.

New Business


The new website is alive and well, and members were solicited

for feedback. The comments were positive and no major changes

were recommended.


The 2009 Officers were introduced, and for a change, the transition

from 2008 to 2009 will take place in an orderly fashion.


Mike, NODK, President/Director

Scott, KMD, Vice President/Director

Jim, KJUH, Secretary-Treasurer/Director

Gary, WAW, Director

Tom, WZR, Director


Beginning in 2009, the Directors will be asked to review and approve

the Operating Budget. This policy makes good business sense, and

will assure that the budget is under the scrutiny of all the officers.




Treasurers Report thru Dec 16, 2008


Income $4994.31 Expenses $4071.70 Balance $922.61


Health & Welfare


Larry, NXB, brought us up to date on the status of Marcia Lutz, the

XYL of Tom, WZR. She was recently diagnosed with a small brain

tumor, and is undergoing evaluation and tests. Our prayers go out to

Tom and Marsh.


Door Prize Drawings


Mike, NODK, $20

Eric, KEF, $20

Club Treasurery, $34



Member Dues for 2009 can be sent to:




Jim Junkert, KJUH


4462 161st Lane NE

Ham Lake, MN 55432