Monday, December 17, 2007

Sunshine Factory Restaurant


The meeting was called to order at 6:15pm by President, Bob, WEK.



Members 26

Guests None


Old Business

The 5T donation request was discussed again, and it was decided not to support this operation due mainly to its low priority on the Most Wanted List.  I will advise DL7ZZ of our decision.


New Business

Coming soon. a new merchandise supplier who will offer an expanded line of apparel that includes long sleeve shirts, golf shirts, jackets, and hats.  Check em out. Details will follow.


The proposed restructuring of management positions was discussed and approved by the members in attendance.  Non-attending members are being polled now as a 2/3 majority vote is required for an amendment to the by-laws.  As of Wednesday am, we have 48 yes votes.  We need 58 for 2/3.


Election Results for Club Officers 2008


President, Mike, NODK

Vice President, Mike, KMD

Secretary-Treasurer, Jim, KJUH


Congratulations to the in-coming officers and a BIG thank you to the outgoing members who served the club in 2007.  President, Bob, WEK, Secretary, Lou, ACX, Treasurer, Mike, WWG.  And a special thanks goes out to Dave, KIEA, and Gary, KCSB, who continue to produce the club membership certificates for new members.  Well done guys!


Health & Welfare

Earl, WIAK, is recovering from a recent stroke in a Rehab facility in Grand Rapids.

Jack, WHZ, is now living in a Presbyterian Seniors facility and is planning on attending a future meeting.


Program  -  No program this month.  


The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm in deference to the Monday night Vikings-Bears game.


Vikings 20   Bears 13   not pretty, but a W just the same.  Go Vikings!


73, Jim, KJUH. pinch hitting for our secretary, Lou, ACX