*_Meeting Called to Order_*:   Date: _12/18/06_   Time: _6:50PM_

*_Members in Attendance_*:  _   28     _Guests:_      _*_

*_Health and Welfare:_*  None

*_Old Business:_*  None.

*_New Business:_*

Mike WWG read the Treasurers report. Mike will send the year end
treasury report to the Club email list so all members can see the
details of the Club finances.

Mike also read a note from Glenn WGJ, which gave the Club a big THANK
YOU for our donation to the upcoming DXpedition to VU7.

After a short discussion, a motion was made and approved to keep the
Sunshine Factory as our meeting location for 2007.

Membership dues for 2007 will be $25, and several member paid at
tonights meeting. Let's see if we can get dues paid as early as possible
this year, so we don't drag this out into JULY. $25 a year...that's only
7 cents a day! WHAT A DEAL!!!

Election for Club officers opened. Bob WEK, and Mike WWG had
volunteered to keep their position again this year, if no other
nominations or volunteers came forward. And you know what that means!!
They will be our President and Treasurer for 2007. At that point, the
inspection of shoes and ceiling began. Several nominations for the
office of Secretary were made and declined. So the office of Club
Secretary remains open. If you know of someone who would accept the
nomination or would like to volunteer for this position, please let
President Bob know by the next meeting in January.

The First Place raffle prize went to Al KAD ($20), and the second place
prize of a printed copy of the DX4WIN users manual went to Pat KPC.

*_Presentation:_* A video presentation of the 3YX DXpedition was seen.
An excellent video to this very rare location, and most likely the last
trip there for a long, long time.*_

*_Meeting Adjourned:_*  Date:  _10/18/2006_ Time:  _7:06 PM_



TCDXA Secretary