Meeting Called to Order:   Date 12-19-05                Time 6:50    


Members in Attendance:  ____24_______ Guests: __2______   Erv KØIVO, and  Tony  KMØO

Health and Welfare:  NONE

Old Business:  NONE

New Business:  A reminder from Mike WØWG that the postal rates are going up after the first of the year. Make sure you  have the correct postage  for those QSL's  that are  going  out  now.

Nomination and election of TCDXA officers was held at tonights meeting. Our treasurer for the past three years, Jim KØJUH is stepping down, so that position was open for nominations. The positions for Club President and Secretary will remain unchanged for the coming year, as Bob WØEK and yours truly KFØQR both volunteered to serve another term (if there were no objections from those present......fat chance!! hi hi).
That left the position of treasurer open for nominations, and Mike WØWG accepted, and voted into office. This made it a landslide victory for all candidates!
A special thanks to our outgoing treasurer for the fantastic job he's down the last 3 years. THANKS!!

DXpedition News - Hope everyone had a shot at the KP5 boys on Desecheo Island. And congrats to WØAW Gary, and Mike WØWG for the NEW-NEW contacts.

A new member was voted into the Club this evening...welcome aboard to John Ross WØ of John's accomplishments is to have worked all but 4 of the U.S. counties in 3 1/2 years!!

Bob WØEK is looking for help from the membership to find subjects, items of interest, etc. for next years Programs/Presentations. Mike KØBUD has volunteered to assist. If you have suggestions, or idea's please contact Bob.

Another addition of the Grayline Club newsletter has been published, and is available for reading on the TCDXA web sight. Everyone at the meeting praised the newsletter staff for their continued great job...thanks to Bob WØBV, Dave KØIEA, and Jim KØJUH.

Vlad NØSTL has asked for, and received  Club permission  to translate the Grayline into Russian for his websight. Lou ACØX stated that the TCDXA websight had over 800 hits after the latest newsletter was published!

This evenings drawing was won by Erv KØIVO and Gary KØGX.

Presentation:  NONE

Meeting Adjourned:  Date ___12-19-05_____ Time ___7:11_____